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Time is picking up now,
Time to come out of agony,
The pain is ending as the clocks keep ticking,
Time with you keeps my blood flowing warmly.
I regret things I've done,
I know I make mistakes,
But i want to be with you till the end of time,
And time will teach me to love you more, whatever it takes.
I Love You :) <3
:iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 1 0
Mature content
Unfortunate Andy :iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 1 0
The darkness is embraced by the cove,
No-one else with whom to play,
Together for fleeting moments,
Before the sun moves back to stay.
I rest silently, listening to the steady waves,
As my soul matches and follows in peaceful resonance.
Not a worry weighing upon my heart,
Nor a hateful thought in my head,
I am aroused by the mysteries of the night,
As I prepare to take flight.
I trek along in the dark,
By myself, but not alone,
Guided by the beating of my lost Father's heart.
:iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 0 2
Life is kinda boring,
To you I do implore,
Bring me some fun,
Before your insides i explore.
I've sharpened my tools,
They're calling out your name,
You should feel damn special,
They are all but tame.
They tell me to control my feelings,
But it's much more satisfying for them to lead,
They lead me to happiness,
It's exactly what I need.
:iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 0 0
As the winds blow, and the rivers flow,
So my soul follows the beat.
The light fades gray, the dark moves to stay,
And all is consumed.
As a beutiful red rose blooms, so must a creature embrace its doom,
For the body cannot remain immortal.
As all things are balanced, all things are of an audience,
Watching beauty and symmetry pass by.
:iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 1 2
I'll offer you my heart,
I'll offer you my soul,
Just promise we'll never part,
You're the one that fill the empty hole.
You've torn me from the grave,
From the dark abyss of my mind,
You're company is what I crave,
You're the reason I try, the reason I shine.
To stay alive, I need motivation,
Knowing you're well is encouragement enough,
To not end my life in bloody intervention,
What can I say girl, you've got the right stuff.
:iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 0 4
Gone Away
It's almost been a week,
I'm beginning to cry in my sleep.
I can't stand to be away from her,
I want to see her face again,
Hear her laugh with her beautiful smile.
I can't stop thinking about her,
Away from her I can feel anger build.
I want to be there and hold her close,
Before the sanity of my mind is killed.
I never got to say goodbye,
Though God knows I tried.
Her absence is like an illness,
I wake up to the sorrow of years past, and years to come.
:iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 2 5
Nothing but Fear
I am shrouded, swarmed by shadows,
No light to see, no love to be warmth.
She's there, but invisible, tormenting me,
Telling me I am the cause of the evil.
For reasons I cannot fathom, I am disrupting the peace,
Just as she disrupts mine.
I want to be alone in my corner where I am safe,
But she is there too, feeding on the madness.
I do all I can to be rid of her, but she insists she loves me,
She says I love her too, deep down, where my emotions hide.
Soon she is joined by others, pulling me away from reality.
We're in a dark corridor now, demons pulling us from behind bars.
Silent, bloodthirsty, and tormenting, they curse us and draw us near.
:iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 0 2
You are Mine
You've been there for me,
So now I'm here for you.
It took to long for me to see,
When I'm with you I'm done feeling blue.
Your the only one I care about,
It's not easy to say.
So how about it,
I love you, do you love me?
:iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 2 3
I'm free at last...
But there's no where to go...
And abandon warehouse?
Maybe the old gothic church...
I can here chanting...
There's humans in there.
It's all so blurry, the windows are too froggy...
Hehe, froggy...
I'm hilarious...
Ill go in and hide behind the pillars...
(What...what is this...)
The Black Mass.
Wh-who are you?
I am a shadow.
What do you want with me?
We imprisoned you for a reason.
Who am I?
You are prisoner 8. name, whats my name?!?
Stand down or we'll kill you.
Heh, heheh. Hahahaha! You can't kill me! I am immortal! Nothing can harm me!
(Just a tap...then...darkness)
:iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 0 0
Strength of Mind
It's been three days...
I haven't sleept in three days...
I will tear the world apart...
Punish those who imprisoned me...
I'm only a child for God's sake...
Alright prisoner 8! Off your ass!
Off my...
I can't, I'm blind...
I can't see...
I said get up!
You struck me, you bastard!
Shut the hell up!
Heheh heheh. Hell...
That's right, hell is me and I am hell.
What are you...Argh!
Hahahaha! Fried to a crisp...
I fried you...
With my mind...
And now...
I'm free!
:iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 0 0
The hell inside my head...
They're back again...
The little voices of hell...
Driving me insane
I can deal with the pressure...
I want to...
I need to break out
Break away from the hell
But I need help...
I can hear them
I need to concentrate you.....out
Help you out...
Help me out?
Your mind is your weapon...
Your soul is strong...
You are strong...
Use your free
:iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 2 0
The Hell Inside My Head
It's dark in here
But what's new
It's always dark
I've been in here for days
Maybe years
There's no sense of time in hell
The hell
The hell
Where am I you ask?
I'm trapped in hell
I'm trapped within my own mind
Am I blind?
There's no way to tell
It's always dark
So dark...
Darkness all around...
And silence...
Until they return
They return
They are my only friends
The tiny insignificant little frail voices
What are they?
I can't quite make out what they're saying...
It's cold
Cold and dark...
Hell inside my head
:iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 1 0
Forbidden Love
Your eyes shine brighter than the stars,
Your smile is more powerful than the sun.
Your gentle touch warms and sustains me,
You open my heart, you are my key.
You're all I care about, you're all I need,
Every night I lie there thinking of you.
Your love gives me joy and hope,
But sadly with people I cannot cope.
I've told you I love you, my disposition stays fast,
But if I am with you too long, I'll only hurt you. 
I am an outcast among society, I am hate by all,
Your kind will not rest until my kind is brought to fall.
The difference between humans and vampires,
Is not all that great, its just the small things that scare,
People are stupid that way, beyond one can compare.
Just know I love you, though our forbidden love we cannot share.
:iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 1 4
What I Want
People say I don't know,
What I want in life.
I believed them till now,
But I have it in sight.
I don't want love or money.
Nor do I want friends,
They'll only hold me back,
Too much on me they'll depend.
I only want too be happy,
Doing what I love most,
I want to destroy, rip and break,
And not listen to them boast.
I want to kill, hurt and mangle,
I know it's not right,
But I'm going do do it and have fun,
While my fears take flight.
:iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 0 0
Clawed  Puppet demon by BorneofShadows Clawed Puppet demon :iconborneofshadows:BorneofShadows 0 0


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ahh, life is becoming better each day. and its about fucking time too :p


Asura Taiki
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United States
I am God.


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